Friday, October 10, 2008


Update on the pictures. It turns out the last 4 years of our lives have not been completely lost. Thanks to our good friend Mike Tyler, our pictures have been recovered. We're working to transfer them on to dvds now and then get our computer running and then I'll be able to post pictures again. THANK YOU BRO. TYLER!!! YOU SAVED US!


Michele Tyler said...

YAY for Brother Tyler!!!!! He was relieved to save your pics. :)

Kirsi Anne said...

Hey!!! Hows the family?!?! What have you been up too?!?!?

Kirsi Anne said...

haha oh man those were good times! holy cow that was a long time ago! So your graduating next year right? That math tutoring will look good on your resume though so keep that up! I was just at your house on Friday! I surprised my sister and took her out of school to take her to HSM3 so i had to get her bike! We need to play sometime and catch up!!! how do you like MVT?